"There are 3 types of players: Those who make it happen, those who watch it happen, and those who wonder what happened."

About Us

PinchHitCMO Founder

Julie Zadow founded PinchHitCMO to provide CEO's with interim marketing leadership when needed. PinchHitCMO also works with marketing leaders as an ad-hoc team member to drive results during high-velocity-yet-understaffed periods of growth.

Why PinchHitCMO

Within the C-Suite, no position has experienced a faster tenure decline than the CMO role in recent years.  And when CMO's unexpectedly leave, PinchHitCMO is there to provide transitional marketing leadership when organizations need it most.

What We Believe

There's no shortage of opinion on what it takes to build a winning brand, capture the true voice of the customer, and inspire winning teams to achieve great results.  Drop us an email to receive our weekly blog or follow us on twitter today.


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