Plan your game.
Engage your team.
Find your fans.
Play to win.

Marketing moves fast and players change teams.  
Don't miss your best chance at bat when you're down a key player.

About Us

PinchHit Founder: Julie Zadow


As Founder of PinchHitCMO, Julie Zadow works as a marketing coach to help growing B2B companies transform their messaging, content, branding and live event goals to drive measurable business results.  She also coaches marketing leaders to manage their tone, their teams and their time more effectively so they can become the best leaders they can be.

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Marketing Leadership when Marketing Leaders Leave


Within the C-Suite, no position has a shorter tenure than the CMO.  And when marketing leaders unexpectedly exit the business, their marketing goals, plans and teams often falter unless someone steps in quickly to right the ship.  PinchHitCMO provides transitional marketing leadership when organizations need it most.

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Marketing Leadership when it's ALMOST time for a CMO


CEO's and heads of Sales often "pinch hit" as their own head of Marketing until a business really starts to scale.  When your business is growing and you're ready for strategic marketing leadership, but not sure what kind of marketing leader you need, what to do or where to start, PinchHitCMO can help.

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